Slowing down the progression of physical disability


When hearing the diagnosis of MS all I thought was – CRAP!

We had a suspicion that the diagnosis was coming so I had spent some time looking into different treatments, prognosis, symptoms and what I should expect from life.

Treatment options consisted of injectables and tablets – woho tablets! I was concerned that I would need to inject myself everyday. Because my disease is currently “active” my neurologist desided that I needed to try and knock this MS relapse on the head and prescribed Gilenya.

Why Gilenya:

GILENYA cuts multiple sclerosis (MS) relapses in half. Here are the facts:

GILENYA cut MS relapses by 52% vs Avonex® in a 1-year study, and by 54% in a 2-year study vs placebo.


GILENYA kept many people relapse-free. Here’s the scoop: at the 1-year mark in a clinical trial, 83% of people on GILENYA were relapse-free. Of those people taking Avonex instead, 70% were relapse-free at year’s end.

In a separate study, 70% of the people on GILENYA were relapse-free for the entire 2 years. For the people taking placebo during that time, 46% of them stayed relapse-free.


GILENYA helped slow down disability progression. This can be complicated, but here are the important points: The Expanded Disability Status Scale, or EDSS, is a way doctors can test and quantify the level of disability for people with relapsing MS.

EDSS was used to gauge how patients were doing every 3 months during 2 clinical trials. People taking GILENYA were found to be less likely to have disability progression vs those on placebo. 82% of people taking GILENYA showed no disability progression in their scores, while 18% did progress. However, among people taking placebo, more had worsening disability — 76% of people on placebo stayed the same, and 24% had scores that showed worsening disability.

In a separate 1-year study, there was no significant difference in disability progression between GILENYA and Avonex.

Although I had to go into hospital and be observed for 6 hours I have tolerated the drug well – so once this relapse has resolved I hope to be feeling a lot better.


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