It is not about the nail!

It is so hard sometimes to get someone else to hear you and understand you because they may miss the point.  It often does not help when you find it difficult to identify what your are really feeling.

This video really sums it up 🙂


One response to “It is not about the nail!

  1. Reblogged this on breaking free & becoming me and commented:
    It’s all about validation. As much as I search for an answer to my feelings and emotions, what I really need is someone to just listen and validate that it’s OK to feel a certain way and then to remind me to think through how I’m going to behave based on that emotion. I’m lucky enough to have finally allowed myself to let someone in to be that validation, to be that person who will say “That sounds like it must be hard to deal with.” I’m a lucky girl who will spend the rest of her life making her mistakes up to him.

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