Perhaps distress tolerance is not a waste of time

It has been a tough and stressful week at work over the last six weeks I have been project managing a competition, and in that time I had to ensure several things were completed:

  • Brief written and distributed
  • Engage a project team
  • Get approvals from various organisations
  • Organise builders
  • Get agreements signed
  • Ensure that insurances were up to date
  • Make sure health and safety, risk assessments and site inductions occurred
  • Organise the logistics
  • Signage
  • Media

And the list continues …

The day before I found out I don’t have everything I need in place – AHHHHHHHH MELT DOWN!

But I didn’t – WOHO another achievement!

I tolerated the distress I did not break down, I did not get angry I just handled it, I tolerated it and it was fantastic.  I felt the stress, I experienced the emotion, but I tolerated it by using distress tolerance skills.  I used meaning to identify that this was bound to happen at some stage and this is probably an easier fix than someone hurting themselves.  It was not the worst thing that could happen.  I used some time out and distracted myself – other thoughts and other sensations, and some breathing and off I went.

The day was so successful, I learnt a lot and I feel like I could do something like this again without failing apart.

Another big achievement for me.  And this is something that I need to remember on the bad days… that I can do it.


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